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Forget Ounces, Start Thinking In Grams

Like Pieces Of Eight From A Prior Generation, Gold & Silver Will Be Divided Into Grams

By Alec Nevalainen
January 23, 2009

Coinflation.com will celebrate its five year anniversary this year. I'd like to thank everyone who visits on a regular basis and especially the people who take the time forwarding article links (Greg M. and William D. particularly, but there are many others). 2008 was a busy year for me, but things have settled down a bit and I wanted to announce a few items.

I've built two new websites called GoldGramBars.com and SilverGramBars.com. They display the daily gram and grain closing prices of each metal. Above ground supply of each metal will likely continue to dwindle while physical demand increases steadily with persisting currency and bank instability. I believe gram-sized precious metal bars will sell at a massive premium in the years ahead. One ounce coins will be priced outside the range of most buyers.

I hope to achieve several goals with these websites. First, I'd like to display a photo gallery of unique bars and/or collections featuring gram-sized bars. I'm hoping collectors will discover these websites and share a photo or two (anonymously of course) of their collection. Second, I found several gold gram calculators on the Internet that were just flat wrong with their calculations. I know, I know, I'm just as surprised and horrified that something on the Internet could be wrong. After getting over my disappointment, I decided to build my own gold gram calculator.

The last goal is to list all retail outlets that sell gram-sized bars. Right now, until proven otherwise, there isn't a single dealer of gram-sized bars that can compete with eBay auction prices. Not a single one. I'm hoping this will change, more options are always better than just one.

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, I want to comment on a few impatient emails I've received in the last few months about the commodity price freefall. I don't have a crystal ball predicting the timing of higher inflation or when spikes of metal prices might occur. I do know that the United States balance sheet is a complete unmitigated disaster of such massive proportions that if you don't understand what's likely to occur in the future, I can't help you. The problem is that some people define the future as tomorrow, next week, or next month. Patience is required... and likely profitable.

Happy collecting everyone.

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