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Lone Voice of Sanity

Published October 26, 2004
Written by Alec Nevalainen

A few days ago I wrote about Treasury Secretary Snow's flippant reckless remarks regarding the urgent need for congress to raise the debt ceiling.

No one in power, except for Ron Paul, is telling us to stop this entitlement machine. He is the lone voice of sanity in the House.

He says, "Ultimately, debt is slavery. Every dollar the federal government borrows makes us less secure as a nation, by making America beholden to interests outside our borders."

The glaring problem is, and I believe strongly in this, is that no one wants to talk about difficult truths. This type of truth equals pessimism in the minds of many, and should always be avoided. Live the illusion we are fiscally sound, and it will work out. No discussion, just more of the same. More benefits, more tax cuts, more security, and more avoidance. Ron Paul is the obvious exception to this discourse. His constituents should be proud.

Other news...

I had a reporter from the Connecticut Post interviewed me for a story published today. It also made it on the Prudent Bear web site.

Alec Nevalainen

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