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"Despite all the talk and coverage of massive gold buying from China and Russia, the never-ending coverage of critical shortages of gold and silver (especially more in silver), there is absolutely no correlation between the natural forces of Supply and Demand v the unnatural forces of globalist suppression. If you want realistic answers as to why gold and silver have not rallied to reflect the huge demand for their limited supply, look no further than the ongoing events unfolding around the world. That is reality in a nut shell."
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United States Circulating Coin Values
This table does not reflect U.S. Mint production costs, but the pure base metal value that composes the coin. Calculations are based on coin weight, metal composition, and base metal prices. The "Metal % of Face Value" column represents the percentage of metal that comprises the denomination's purchasing power. A coin that is over 100% in this category has more base metal value than purchasing power.

Table based on October 05, 2015 mid-day base metal prices:
Copper $2.3380/lb up 0.0203 Zinc $0.7422/lb down 0.0139 Nickel $4.4928/lb down 0.0703

Description Face Value Metal Value Metal % of Face Value
Lincoln Copper Cent1909-1982 Cent (95% copper) *
Jefferson Nickel1946-2014 Nickel
Lincoln Zinc Cent1982-2014 Cent (97.5% zinc) *
Roosevelt Dime1965-2014 Dime
Washington Quarter1965-2014 Quarter
Kennedy Half Dollar1971-2014 Half Dollar
Ike Dollar1971-1978 Eisenhower Dollar
Susan B. Anthony Dollar1979-1981, 1999 SBA Dollar
Sacajawea Dollar2000-2014 Sacagawea Dollar
Presidential Dollar2007-2014 Presidential Dollar

* The U.S. Mint issued both compositions in 1982; they can be differentiated by weight (3.11 g copper, 2.5 g zinc). The 1943 steel cent is not included in the table above. Also, a tin alloy is used in one cent pieces from 1864 until 1962, but that value isn't significant enough to calculate.

Base Metal Coin Calculator

Base metal coins not included above:   Jefferson Nickel 1938-1942 Jefferson Nickel,   Buffalo Nickel 1913-1938 Buffalo Nickel,   Indian Cent 1864-1909 Indian Cent  

United States Circulated Silver Coin Values - Updated Every Minute
These coins were in standard circulation until silver was removed from all coinage in 1965 and 1970 (40% silver half-dollars). I recognize that the silver Eisenhower dollar was issued as a collectible only, but I'm still categorizing it with this group. This table illustrates how far the metal value has progressed compared to the denomination's purchasing power after the debasement.

Table based on October 05, 2015 8:59 PM PDT silver prices:
Silver $15.61/oz down -0.07

Description Face Value Silver Value Silver % of Face Value
Silver War Nickel Value1942-1945 Nickel **
1916 Mercury Silver Dime Value1916-1945 Mercury Dime
1964 Silver Roosevelt Dime Value1946-1964 Roosevelt Dime
Liberty Silver Quarter Value1916-1930 Standing Liberty Quarter
1964 Silver Quarter Value1932-1964 Washington Quarter
1947 Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value1916-1947 Half Dollar
1962 Silver Franklin Half Dollar1948-1963 Franklin Half Dollar
JFK silver half dollar1964 Kennedy Half Dollar
40% JFK silver half dollar1965-1970 Half Dollar (40% silver)
Morgan Silver Dollar1878-1921 Morgan Dollar
Peace Silver Dollar1921-1935 Peace Dollar
Silver Ike dollar1971-1976 Eisenhower Dollar (40% silver) ***
Silver Eagle1986-2013 Silver Eagle (.999 Silver)

** The U.S. Mint issued two compositions of the nickel in 1942. The copper-nickel composition used today and the 35% silver composition listed here.
*** The 40% silver version of the Eisenhower dollar was issued as a collectible only, they are generally not found in circulation. The best way to distinguish the two versions is by weight. The copper-nickel version weighs 22.68 grams, the silver Ike dollar weighs 24.59 grams.

Silver Coin Calculator

Silver coins not included above:   Barber Half Dollar 1892-1915 Barber Half Dollar,   Barber Quarter 1892-1916 Barber Quarter,   Barber Dime 1892-1916 Barber Dime  

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